Purple, pink and green Radicchio salad served with olive oil, l

Colorful Radicchio Salad

Colorful Radicchio heads in pink, green and purple with a bunch of chives
A pink and green radicchio salad in a wood bowl and garnished with chives and olive oil

I didn’t know Radicchio came in so many beautiful colors, and had only used the dark purple color lightly in my salads.  One shopping day I found that our store had stocked a shelf of pink, green, yellow and red variegated and a deep flowery purple specimen as well.  I bought one of each and decided to make a simple Radicchio salad to go with a baked meatball dish (recipe will follow soon).  I looked up the benefits of this lovely vegetable and found the following:  It is a form of leafy chicory, also called Italian Chicory.  It has plenty of fiber, and potassium which helps encourage digestion, and it has antioxidant qualities due to the presence of manganese.  

I found the taste pleasantly different than lettuce products, a tad bitter and the leaves more leathery and crunchier.  Since I had not yet looked up what wonderful things I can do with this leafy product, I decided to make it simple; so after cutting it up like a salad,  I tossed in olive oil, chopped chives and bit of salt and then drizzled balsamic glaze – that was it!  My husband loved it and I thought it was a good side dish with the main protein.  I think next time I’ll split regular lettuce products with the radicchio to create different textures.  I do love the beautiful leaf colors and the beautiful dish it creates!


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