Month: March 2018


Dulce De Leche Meringues

Meringue with Dulce de Leche is such an easy and quick dessert.  If you have last minute guests coming and would like to serve a quick dessert, or something to go with coffee or tea – this is a life saver and so delicious   I prefer the smaller meringues […]

Purple, pink and green Radicchio salad served with olive oil, l

Colorful Radicchio Salad

I didn’t know Radicchio came in so many beautiful colors, and had only used the dark purple color lightly in my salads.  One shopping day I found that our store had stocked a shelf of pink, green, yellow and red variegated and a deep flowery purple specimen as well.  I […]


Bernini’s Bistro in La Jolla, San Diego

One of our favorites places to have lunch is Bernini’s Bistro in La Jolla, San Diego, California.  We discovered it a few months ago and have been back various times to try their different plates.  They serve Italian/American in a very elegant family setting, where service is prime.  Our first […]